BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
action-testsclient: Add more comments to index.jsNoah Loomans14 months
betaRemove licencer as we now use eslintNoah Loomans13 months
clickable-usersAdd clickable user codeBilal ayachi20 months
currentWeekAdd relative week change messageBilal ayachi19 months
elmRemove elm.js from gitNoah Loomans23 months
faviconAdd favicon.icoNoah Loomans2 years
masterFinishing touches of the kiemm versionNoah Loomans7 months
reactGive IndexPage and UserPage the correct nameNoah Loomans19 months
sync-with-dbserver: Use database for usersNoah Loomans13 months
useHTTPSUse 301 redirect instead of 302Noah Loomans2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-06Remove licencer as we now use eslintHEADbetaNoah Loomans
2018-07-06Add license notice to all missing filesNoah Loomans
2018-07-06Remove yarn.lock as we are now using npmNoah Loomans
2018-07-06statusCode might not existNoah Loomans
2018-07-06client/visual: Fix input overflowNoah Loomans
2018-07-06client/schedule: Properly handle errorsNoah Loomans
2018-07-06client/View: Move API call to actionNoah Loomans
2018-07-06client: Remove url helpersNoah Loomans
2018-07-06client: Switch to connected-react-routerNoah Loomans
2018-07-06client: Simplify setUserNoah Loomans